Arabchat slave


If your business concept is new and exciting try for publicity.

The traditional approach is to put together a simple press release and send it off to a publication read by your target client or customer.

Keep in mind that every “wage slave” out there dreams of telling the boss to “shove it’ and would love to be in your shoes.

Come up with a couple of interesting sentences that explain what your business is and how it helps clients.

First of all you need to start to think of yourself as a business owner not an employee.

So, what next…..stare at the phone waiting for it to ring?

Keep in mind that press releases should be newsworthy and not just a disguised advertisement for your business.

Read the target publication from cover to cover to give you a good feel for the style of information needed.

Make sure you don’t filter the enthusiasm and passion for your business out of your description. Start confidently telling people you own a small business. Then go through all your old contact lists or piles of business cards and categories those people who may become referral sources, clients or even mentors. Send all those people a letter or email telling them what you are doing and ask for their help in spreading the word.

Get on the phone and follow up your letter or email, you’ll be amazed at how many people want to help build your business.

Remember that action conquers fear, especially when it comes to marketing.

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