Coldfusion form not validating

Using Java Script, however, you can perform some validation in the client before the form is ever submitted.

the js code is erroring on if (obj.value.length == 0) which means the js is running..there's just a problem so there's something with your cfform can't say for sure given the code you've posted but looks like you're not validating some thing or have something misnamed maybe?? I've set firebug to break on JS errors and it does error on the page before the submit....using this debug method, i don't even get to the form submit..i run after the break then I get the cf error something else is going on...I have the file on the server and have mapped to it correctly.I also tried adding script Src="/includes/cffor and the result was the same. It is the large form, not the little on on the side.To do this, you change the HTML form tags in the page to Cold Fusion form tags that validate these fields on the client side.Next, you remove the unneeded server-side single-field validation code from the page.The second code snippet shows how Cold Fusion form tags simplify field validation on the client.

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