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As a verb form is easy, assuming it is the part participle, it is "mis à jour" (but pay attention that "mis" may have to be modified to agree in gender and number with what it refers to).

See the other answers for more contextual translations, those are assuming a context and if the assumed context is the right one, they are better than what I wrote above.

For example, "Messenger" was translated in many languages, but now changed back to English in all languages.

Doc Translator intelligently grabs and then re-inserts text exactly where it belongs.For example, please check the existing translations on i Phone if they refer to i Phone UIs.I imagine the context is a software with a button "Update" that changes itself in "Updating" when clicked, and then changes to "Updated" when the update process is finish.For example, you can write translations for buttons, settings and menu items.Consider Your Audience Facebook reaches people of all ages and backgrounds in nearly every country around the world.Every minute of every day companies and individuals around the globe rely on our service in order to better conduct business, communicate, and understand the world in which we live.

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