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During his 14-year tenure in Santa Clara County, Clyne earned trust among foster parents who appreciated his expertise and 24/7 availability.Longtime foster mother Dawn Haddaway, who reviewed the new court documents, called the allegations “unsubstantiated.” “I have complete confidence in him as a person, as well as a pediatrician,” Haddaway said.When Santa Clara County’s longtime chief pediatrician for abused and neglected children was dismissed two years ago, officials offered little explanation — just an ominous letter from the district attorney warning there was “substantial evidence” that he “committed multiple crimes involving moral turpitude, specifically sexual assaults.” Now, for the first time, lurid details of child molestation allegations against Dr.Patrick Clyne have emerged in court documents, and one of several foster children who lived with Clyne has come forward to describe to this newspaper abuse that he says has “taken my whole life” to overcome.After falling asleep, he told a reporter, “I woke up and felt him touching me — and I thought it was a nightmare.” A second boy placed briefly with Clyne by the child welfare agency “reported seven to eight incidents where Dr.Clyne would try to touch his genital area,” the records state.

Two similar reports surfaced in 2010, including one from a boy who was 5 at the time.

If the allegations were true, he added, “I would have been arrested.

And I wasn’t.” But scrutiny may now grow for the wheelchair-bound physician who cared for thousands of Santa Clara County foster children, and took boys into his home as a single foster father.

At one point in the investigation when police arrived at Clyne’s home, the boy had apparently been drinking Scotch, and was “wearing a lot of silver jewelry that Dr. He told police Clyne was “the only one who had ever given him anything.” A fourth boy, who moved in with Clyne at age 9 and eventually ran away, also initially denied any abuse.

But when investigators interviewed him in person days later he acknowledged that on multiple occasions “he would wake up at night to discover Clyne touching his penis,” the brief states.

The newspaper is using only Kyle’s first name to protect his privacy.

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