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If a judge should be capable of making just decisions without fear or favour, and not be subject to the whims of the powerful, then the judge has to command a moral standing that is above reproach.

Judicial Independence is, therefore, an indispensable element of the right to due process, the rule of law and true democracy.

The nation's prisons are filled with unknowns who have been incarcerated for the theft of a bunch of plantain or cassava.

On this point the famous English writer, William Shakespeare in his work King Lear (Act 4, scene 6) philosophised: 'Plate sin with gold, and the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks; arm it in rags, a pygmy's straw does pierce it."The drama that is currently playing out in our country is not very different from what Shakespeare captured vividly about four hundred years ago.

Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.Although a matter of perception until Anas's recent expose, corruption in the Judiciary was an open secret; the Anas leak only provided a damning confirmation of what had been on everyone's mind all along.Indeed, the issue of corruption in Ghanaian society as a whole is hardly a surprise, as Ghana occupied the 61st position on the 2014 Corruption Perception Index, a leading global indicator of public sector corruption published biannually by Transparency International.(A GNA feature by Mohammed Nurudeen Issahaq)Accra, Sept.28, GNA - The Judiciary is a sacrosanct organ of state and one of the fundamental support pillars of every democratic society.A stable, orderly and free society is derived from the people's confidence in the fairness and objectivity of the justice system.

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