Denise ho and joey yung dating


16 Nov – Joey Yung has been missing in action since speculations about her sexual orientation broke out.

As reported on Asianpopnews, the singer, who is currently dating Wilfred Lau, has been hiding away from the public after returning from her South Korea vacation, and is believed to be in distress due to Denise Ho's recent ambiguous reply about her sexual preferences.

But wish all the the best for Denise though yeah, Joey is dating the no talent douchebag who was Denise's best friend. You don't date your best friend's ex or your ex's best friend.

He knew their story and used it to his advantage, pursuing Joey while Denise was on the Awakening tour. Denise was really heartbroken for awhile, having lost two best friends.

They're a rumored couple but most people know that they're dating.

I can make the whole timeline through their instagrams Gil Le and Chi Pu (both are stage names) are 23 & 21.

Are you familiar with Goo Cho (Hong Kong cantopop singers, Denise Ho and Joey Yung)?

Their 2 years anniversary is coming in 3 months Please no bashing. Is that a common thing for Asian lesbian couples, lol?

It was reported that the speculation caused emotional distress to Joey, prompting her to lock herself at home since her return.

Her manager, Mani represents the singer, and stated that Joey would not be taking any interviews and is currently very emotional about the issue. She will of course support her friend but her comments have caused mental distress to Joey. Ho's actions have alleviated her stress and released her, she has transferred the pressure onto Joey.

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Joey Yung and Denise Ho (Hocc) have been good friends for over 10 years.

Her first challenge was to peel 20 quail eggs in 1 min, which she failed so her punishment was to piggyback Gil from one point to another.

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