Error validating the default for column date


In this mode of component we can look at the input data & decide about the structure of the fields to be loaded into the final destination, based upon certain conditions which can be stored in database or variables.

In this case we can add as many columns we want in the output of the script component and then at runtime we can write code/script to add the rows in the output.In the worksheet shown below, you can select a month from the drop down, and it overwrites any previous selection in that cell.Instead of limiting users to a single selection, you can use a bit of programming, combined with the data validation list, and allow multiple selections.In Data Flow task of SSIS, we have to define a Data Source as well as a destination to extract & load the data respectively.And as per the functionality of data flow task (DFT), metadata of the source fields has to be defined at the design time.In the similar way we can write to Flat file destination as well.

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