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Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Detectives were notified that Brunner had contacted a citizen whom he thought was a 14 year old girl, who was actually an adult, and attempted to have sexual relations with the citizen.

During the contacts with the citizen, Detectives learned Brunner had hooked up a webcam and performed sexual acts on the camera, thinking a 14 year old girl was watching.

Such a teenage horn dog, can't even focus when it's important. You're in enough hot water, and not just with us, but with the police.

Mom placed her hands on my chest and shoved me away from the two of them, trying to give more distance between the fire breathing father and myself. They will be knocking at our door and if you want any kind of help from us you better have a damn good reason for being so stupid." I fell back onto our sofa and started to cry, "I didn't even know he was going to do anything like that.

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Detectives searched Brunner’s home and seized various electronic devices which will be forensically examined for evidence.Not only did the school year come to an end, I also graduated high school, and for the first time have ownership of my life, or so I thought.Eighteen years old and I think I know it all, can do anything I want, it's my life.The store cameras were very clear as my father watched the news. I'm 5'8" tall, thinner build with my head shaved short, as is most of my body hair including my cock and balls. I can now see how first impressions can lead people to stereo type me as a punk.He looked up at me and I felt the blood rush from my face. But when my dad looms over me, with his 6'2" 44inch chest hulk of a man, I feel like I am six years old and shrink down to four feet tall.My parents were just 36 years old, whereas most of my friend's parents were in their late 40's. Mom, always the referee, jumped to my rescue, "Tom, calm down I am sure Adam has a good explanation of why he fucked his life up.

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