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Convert Temperature now you enter C or F in appropriate box to convert ..should fix Error bug in windows7/8 also Bug fix ... Save Room Text 15th Apr 2015 V6.18.4 Yaz Serv fixed Made to work with Local LAN what start with Class A IP: 10and not just more common Class C 192.168xxx This caused voice to not work with those that had Class A (only locally didn't work) (Note not added Class B - 1.255) 10th Feb 2015 V6.18.2 Yaz Serv Added lock rooms servers colliding when update at same time causing room to disappear off list temporally Added Local server now will connect to a you own local server that's running on another computer on your local network Yazserv List to show up time of Chat Room's in Hours after 24 hours switches to days connected Changed On login window 'Get New Yahoo!

Bug fix for windows7/8 Chat Room menu Preferences.. Sound Alerts Change button to get up browser file requester was doing a error 401 Now changed method to fix problem, you can now also type in chat room when open Change Chat Room menu Extra Toys ..

Will look like this Test1 Passed users from world can connect to you Test2 Failed - Timed Out IMPORTANT !!

You will need to right click Join Room button on Yazak and select Join Room Local Host Only put on Chat Room server lister now after tests one or two pass Added Help menu link Help to Yazserv Basics (web site) Setting window ..

Warning of possible porn bot link on first link posted on pm's (use to ignore link) as no longer needed Added Room PM's you can now PM users in the rooms their in.

Note once ither of you leave chat room PM's stop functioning.

Please wait Test1 connection from distant IP Test2 Connection to self from external IP: Test1 Failed !!!!

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