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So you are correct, I am just saying how disappointing it is to not see them at the major against international teams because bondi K Bn Te T played really well together and crushed asian teams so I wanted to see them together on LAN vs international teams at major Trump is a racist asshole, it isn't just Muslims. He doesn't like anyone not white...said he wants less people from "3rd world shithole countries" in the USA, and "more people from norway and places like that" which can only mean white people I assume.

But ur right he also hates Muslims toothis isn't rigged u fucking retards, yes most of them are but this isn't.

Becoming more agile is rarely easy, and these insights can help. Jeff Sutherland, an original signatory of the Agile Manifesto and inventor and co-creator of Scrum, launched his first Scrum team in 1993.

He explains why he bans email, why his team had to change its space, and why Agile and Scrum are still so popular today.

Verb Active Media Table James Ludwig shares how his team’s materials science breakthrough led to an all-new chair design that intuitively responds to human movement without the use of mechanisms.

Through an innovation in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase designers and engineers created a new high-performance polymer material that emulates the qualities of carbon fiber at a mass market price.

Fancy1, Attacker, Zhoking, Cpt Mo (Asias most experienced IGL and a decent awper) and freeman or auman, you could also add in Kaze / Xccurate / AE if they can speak decent chinese, which I'm not sure / somebody are alright I guess, but mo & zhoking would be fine aswell.

Freeman, fancy1, attacker would be a nice core with tier 2 potential which the chinese “overlords“ might make some upsets happen with again zhoking, mo, ae, dd to round up the roster would be fine imo.

Steelcase celebrates its global sustainability performance with the release of its 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report.

This year, the company made continued progress on its environmental 2020 goals, set a record for employee volunteerism and received recognition for its leadership and innovation in circular economy principles. Ford International Airport to design new business centers and work-life lounges for travelers.

Now bondik is replaced with xccurate - great player, no doubt, but man, tyloo didnt even had time to practice with him.

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