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Many people will tell you they hate leaving a voice mail message, but they will also admit that, without it, not much would get done. If they cannot afford to wait on hold indefinitely or continue to try to call you throughout the day, voice mail gives them the opportunity to leave a message and let you return their call.

Keep in mind that you are the sole bearer of information from the customer.This is an alarming statistic, but reflects the prevailing opinion that many people aren't good at taking messages.When questioned, the 60% admitted that they feared the message would be inaccurate, incomplete or simply not relayed at all. Take the extra time to write the message correctly and let the caller know you will make sure their concerns are addressed properly.If customers call on a Friday night, they will appreciate hearing, "…I will return your call on Monday, as our offices are closed for the weekend." This way, they don't wait around on the chance you might call Saturday. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message, and I'll return your call by the end of the day. I'm either on the other line or caring for the dogs right now, but will be glad to return your call. I will be out of town until Friday, May 17, but will be checking my voice mail twice a week.If you need immediate assistance, please call Rhonda Manfreid at 123-777-5222. Please leave your first and last name, telephone number, and a brief message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message.It should be to the point, letting them know they have called the right place and when you will handle their situation.

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