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Why is it, for example, that the children of today expect to be endlessly entertained by their parents — or grandparents. Instead, modern parents act like waiters, obediently taking down orders for the children's meals.For years, the endless refrain of my oldest grandson Arthur was: ‘I need to be entertained! They think nothing of their little darlings sitting at the table announcing what they do and don't like, allowing them to shove offending foods aside, crying: ‘Yuk! If you, as a modern-day grandparent, live in hope of an evening of adult chat with your children and their partners over dinner, forget it.“That meant getting a forged birth certificate to safe her from the Nazis’ clutches.“We knew mum had grown up in Poland during the Second World War and we often wondered how she survived. “But a neighbour told my brother Peter that mum was older than 79 and the story of her amazing escape came tumbling out. “Grandad was buying her time to prevent her being marched off to a brick factory or the like.” Bronislawa was just 10 when her dad decided to get doctored documents in 1944.IT was a secret rooted in the dark days of the Second World War, an act of love from a father desperate to save his daughter from the clutches of the Nazis in occupied Poland. Her family had wrongly believed the gran-of-eight was 79.And only now has that secret, closely guarded by Glasgow granny Bronislawa Jakubska for more than 70 years, come to light . But after she died they were shocked to discover she was really 82 . Her family have been left stunned after discovering she was three years older than they believed, and the explanation for the mystery has its origins in war-torn Europe.

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It seems that Bronislawa’s desperate father, Boleslaw Strakowski, paid a forger to make documents to show his daughter was three years younger than she was.Grannies currently range in age from 24 to 78, and are both male and female.What they all share is a universal “grandmother approach” to education.In the midst of the fierce resistance fighting, her home was burned to the ground.Terrified and homeless, the family had little option but to turn to their Polish relatives for shelter – despite knowing thier homeland was also occupied.“My grandad saved mum’s life,” said Bronislawa’s daughter Basia Palka, 57, from Paisley.

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