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By 1915 Greenville became known as the "Textile Center of the South." During World War I, Greenville served as a training camp center for Army recruits.

After World War I commercial activity expanded with new movie theaters and department stores.

The Greenville News was established in 1874 as Greenville's first daily newspaper.

Southern Bell installed the first telephone lines in the city.

In 1853 Mc Bee and other Greenville County leaders funded a new railroad called the Greenville and Columbia Railroad. On December 20, 1860 the South Carolina state convention, along with the Greenville delegation, voted to secede from the Union.Pearis established a plantation on the Reedy River called the Great Plains in present-day downtown Greenville.The American Revolution divided the South Carolina country between the Loyalists and Patriots.The most important infrastructure that came to the city were cotton mills.Prominent cotton mill businesses operated near Greenville making it a cotton mill town.A wealthy settler from Virginia named Richard Pearis arrived in South Carolina around 1754 trading with Cherokee.

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