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Egg waffles are an iconic Hong Kong street food, best eaten immediately.

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Dim sum: Bite-sized morsels that are usually served in steamer baskets or on small plates.Cuisine borrows heavily from Cantonese tradition and Cantonese opera is just as likely to be heard on busy Mong Kok streets as HK-pop.Buddhist and Taoist temples are numerous and many locals believe in the Taoist concept of Feng Shui.For such a compact area, lifestyle varies greatly in Hong Kong, where locals might live in a soaring high-rise apartment in the thick of Kowloon’s urban jungle or on a stilted house on a small fishing island.Kung fu is a favourite pastime and the preferred way to keep fit.Take part in a Hong Kong tradition and go for dim sum and yum cha (tea) on the weekend.

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