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Important is just that you have PHP off or the code will get executed on your server.

The name of our community can be and is a very popular vulnerabilities in hacking life.

It's the biggest wanted hack: passwords, but how do you do it?

Well, this tutorial shows you how to hack any password on any site with Java Script.

Sometimes i hack websites simply with the help of some crafted google searches, as hacker you must know how to use google to gather info or hack, in case you do not know you can see my tutorial on how to use google to hack I bet at this point you already know how to see the source code of a webpage using the right click trick, just to remember that scripting languages like php,perl,asp, python and so on run on the server--side, so it means you can not see by right click unless its an open source platform where you can get a copy of it and change the whole code.

Index browsing can be very useful when trying to find files you normally shouldn't see like password files,files used to administrate the web page, log files, any files where information get can also manually check for suspicious urls like can either make tools that will automatically do it for you, tools like dirbsuter can be very useful for this task.

It allows an attacker to include a file, usually through a script on the web server.

The vulnerability occurs due to the use of user-supplied input without proper validation.

Friend Finder Networks, the company behind adult dating site Adult Friend Finder has been hit with a massive hack — exposing more than 400 million user accounts.But this works best on public computers because multiple people log on to them, which means a better chance at unintentionally stored passwords.It helps to know a little bit about Java Script before attempting this password hack.Band itching to get out and play gigs, need keyboard player who can play basslines for American roots band.Seeking commitment, versatility, diligence and adaptability for weekly rehearsals. Pridham's is currently seeking quality consignments for an upcoming international auction being held in Montreal. 30 years restaurant in very busy area in plaza shopping center cote des neiges lot of traffic.Tools that i recommend for this section are nmap,whatweb and nikto and of course some others made by Mr_ or you. In case they wrote it by themselves, look for scripts that take user input,scan for directory listing,check the source code,figure out how the website react to abnormal inputs, i often use these inputs: ADMIN' OR 1=1# when its an admin url like website/admin/loign/when its a normal login just try those traditional sql injectors like' OR '1'='1' --' OR '1'='1' ({' OR '1'='1' /*, but it does not end here, try to write sql statements on the inputs, do echo back to you, try to execute a command based on the server OS, figure out how the website filter the inputs and try to bypass the filters.

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