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It’s important not to waste anyone’s time, and especially when a person is hoping to find something meaningful.I don’t believe in misleading anyone or giving false hopes towards a situation that isn’t truly promising now or in the future.Remember, if you see any red flags early on or if the person doesn’t have any of the must-have requirements on your list, then you shouldn’t pursue things further.Anne Cohen is a lifestyle and relationship blogger based in Los Angeles, CA. She contributes to various publications including The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and many more.Use only two to three questions per date night, and really talk about the answers in depth.

While there is no issue with you trying to bring the one you’re dating closer to Christ, you need to know whether they have or are open to having a relationship with Christ and if they are, that they want it for the right reasons.

What’s most important to find out when you meet someone using online dating differs depending on the person and what they’re looking for.

However, for those that are dating with marital intentions and are actually hoping to find a meaningful relationship, I think that it can be narrowed down to a few things. Depending upon if you’re open towards dating someone that’s divorced or not, this will be the most important question.

Not only are they important questions to know Another thing that’s important to know is if the person lives in the same area as you, and this question is especially important if you’re not willing to relocate to another place eventually.

Again, this is another imperative question to ask early on, because if you or they can’t relocate now or down the line, then it’s pointless to explore the situation further.

You see for me personally, I don’t believe in dating anyone that’s separated.

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