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That is unnecessary if the acronym is recognizable. Written uppercase with periods, although this reference is usually unnecessary. Teaching, patient-care and research affiliates include University of Cincinnati Medical Center hospital, UC Health Drake Center, UC Health West Chester Hospital, UC Health University of Cincinnati Physicians, Lindner Center of Hope, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Shriners Hospital for Children–Cincinnati, Jewish Hospital and Christ Hospital. The term is acceptable for an American black person of African decent, but be careful not to apply it to all blacks. Note the acceptable second reference for the college is A&S. Presume means to take for granted in the absence of proof to the contrary.Most acronyms may be written in all uppercase (according to AP Style, though Merriam-Webster takes precedence). It stands for Anno Domini, Medieval Latin for in the year of the Lord. For instance, Caribbean descendants generally refer to themselves as Caribbean-Americans. Presume can also mean "take excessive liberties," as in the adjective form presumptuous.The abbreviation precedes the numeral because that is the way the unabbreviated words would be read. A person legally empowered to act for another, usually but not always a lawyer.Lawyer is a generic term for anyone admitted to the bar to practice law.Very infrequently a professor is recognized for uncommon merit and achievement with one of the following ranks, reflecting affiliation not just with a particular department, but also with the entire university: accent marks When writing copy for general audiences, accent marks generally are not used, which is in keeping with the AP guildeline that omits accent marks because they "won't transmit through computer systems." In academic copy, accent marks may be appropriate.Examples for general copy: Correct -- fiance, resume (a noun, as used for the document that accompanaies a job application), expose (a noun, as in "an expostion of facts"), crepe, creme, voila, facade, pina colada, naive.

Do not list an acronym in parentheses after the series of words. When referring to an address beyond Greater Cincinnati, use the street name, city, postal state abbreviation and ZIP code. Example: I was averse to taking my prescription, which created an adverse relationship with my doctor. Examples: Procter & Gamble (P&G), Mc Micken College of Arts and Sciences.

Double-check any other ranks in the university telephone directory.

This listing does not include part-time teachers who are usually called adjuncts or lecturers: instructor [in], assistant professor [of], associate professor [of], professor [of].

Periods are generally omitted unless doing so would spell an unrelated word.

Acronyms are most often proper nouns, but not exclusively so. (See compound modifiers.) An age range requires no apostrophe. Written without periods, aka stands for "also known as." The phrase is set off with commas or parentheses, but punctuation does not immediately follow the letters aka.

Use an before words pronounced with a beginning vowel sound and a silent h (which results in a vowel sound). When an abbreviation falls at the end of a sentence, do not add another period. Examples: bachelor of science in electrical engineering, master's degree in fine arts.

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