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Take a peek if you want to, its right after the Character FAQ's. I'd may not have all of them but this is just a start. Anime and manga characters will be featured in the Indepth Guide to Love Hina as well as all these characters with much bigger biographies. ____________________________________________________________ 2. Breif Biographies These are the characters featured in the game not in the anime or manga. Run to the lobby ( 1 Heart Su, -1 HP, and go to step 6) Ex.

Game Play: 3/10 This is where the game takes a complete dive towards hell, the game play consists of nothing but answering questions. Although a small update I've put up bios for Amalla Su and King Rumba, posted begenning and current ages for main characters, added some new words to the Japanese dictionary section. Their is also a small section called "Manga to anime differences" still under construction.

She has boundless amounts of energy and loves cooking spicy food.

Kaolla Su- A foriegn exchange student from an unknown country.

Urashima Haruka- The resident mother of Hinata, she takes care of all the problems that Keitaro faces. Haitani- One of Keitaro's friends, he is the tall and skinny one.

Maehara Shinobu- Youngest member of the Hinata, she is one grade below Kaolla, she is the resident cook and crybaby. Otohime Mutsune- A lovely young lady who despite failing her enterence exams three times is in fact just as smart if not smarter than Naru. Noriyasu Seta- A professor at Todai and an archeologist, he gives you your first job. She has the energy of Kaolla and the mischef of Kitsune which makes for a deadly combo for Keitaro.

So for the sake of being complete I decided to add her to the FAQ. This should be the "final" update, but you never know.

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