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Zuckerman in the amount of , the initiative has become formalized as the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

The Institute will support interdisciplinary research across the three campuses and be headquartered in the Greene Building.

According to a recent press release: The Zuckerman Institute will pursue cutting-edge research in neurobiology and deeper insights into human mental functions in both health and disease.

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Zuckerman, who bought the paper in 1993, spoke with several potential suitors, but couldn’t strike a deal.

Designed as an interdisciplinary science building but without coordination by and financial support for faculty, the Northwest Corner Building became available to whichever departments could come up with the money to make the move.

A senior VP is quoted (in the blog) as saying, in retrospect, that it would take "funding we simply don’t have to support an institute structure." have that financial and leadership support throught the Zuckerman Institute, which means that facilities, research groups, and projects will be coordinated, funded, and have well-stocked labs.

A Daily News insider told The Wrap the paper has had more turnover than usual lately, which is significant considering it’s known as a high-turnover operation. As you know, several months ago I announced exploring the sale of the Daily News.

I have met with several potential interested and well-intentioned suitors during this process.

For a variety of reasons, I have decided to withdraw the Daily News from the market and have instructed our financial advisors to inform the suitors.

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