Myspace dating desperate


Everyone knows that most of the popular dating apps are more are more for hook-ups than for dating, and you’re looking for someone right – not just someone right now.Well, there is a solution, with a new app called "Once"? At 12 PM every day, you could have the opportunity to meet your perfect match.So in honor of the My Space “Top 8,” here are the eight biggest struggles everyone with a My Space account knew to be true in the beautiful time period we call the early- to mid-2000s.Picking your “Top 8” Speaking of the elusive Top 8, going to the page of someone you consider a good friend and not seeing your profile among theirs was kind of like the feeling we got when we were picked last for a sports team in P. You’d have to take action immediately to make sure they weren’t on your Top 8 either, lest you look desperate. Choosing the right profile picture Similarly, perfecting that “My Space angle” was a little harder back before we had front-facing camera phones.You’ve been out of the dating scene for far too long and you’re dying to jump back into the swing of things…but you’re not quite desperate enough to venture into the typical online dating meat market, at least not quite yet.Even if swiping left or right wasn’t a pain in the ass, it still just kind of reeks of desperation.Then again, your friends aren’t doing any better…No offense to all of the friends that I absolutely adore that have tried to set me up multiple times… The people closest to us always have the very best of intentions, obviously.But they aren’t always the best judge of people we should be dating, and don’t always do a great job in picking right matches for us.

And on top of the “look” of the photo, you had to make sure you looked only slightly interested but also very devil-may-care. Picking the perfect wallpaper/background/theme If someone had too much blinkiness going on in their profile, especially in the backgrounds (which made it harder to load for those of us without high-speed Internet), that was a sure sign that they were either really young OR great with graphics but just not quite “hip.” (I might have been one of those, oops.) Your theme and wallpaper had to stand out, but not be obnoxious, to get attention but not be uncool.

Dating Anyone helps you track the dating status of people on your My Space friends list, and presumably catch them on the rebound.

When there's a change in your friend's status, you're sent an email alert.

programmed to match you up based on a few matching keywords.

Yup – that’s what we’re all trusting our future to.

One match, once each day, set up by real people – a direct connection to your soul mate without having to go through a barrage of right swipes and mediocre hookups to get there.

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