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ablowitz Nonlinear elastic waves in materials jeremiah j. sperling Speech and audio processing a matlab based approach ian vince mcloughlin Spin wave confinement sergej o demokritov Springer handbook of acoustics rossing Stray Light Analysis and Control eric c. hill andreas wessel Suspension acoustics samuel temkin Terahertz Frequency Detection and Identification of Materials and Objects r. musa Computational electromagnetic aerodynamics joseph j. wartak Computer Engineering in Applied Electromagnetism wiak krawczyk Computer network software hardware engineering with applications norman f. dhillon Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems jamal berakdar Conducting Polymers Synthesis, Properties and Applications luiz carlos pimentel almeida Cone beam computed tomography chris c. harris Current driven phenomena in nanoelectronics tamar sedeman DRAM circuit design brent keeth r. kong quan pan yongmei cheng Multifrequency electron paramagnetic resonance sushil k. hall Sparse image and signal processing jean luc starck fionn murtagh jalal m. schaeffer Slice hyperholomorphic schur analysis daniel alpay fabrizio colombo irene sabadini Sophie’s diary a mathematical novel dora musielak Space time coding ranka vucetic jinhong yuan Stability theory for dynamic equations on time scales anatoly a. engelbrecht Nonlinear Waves lokenath debnath Nonlinear dispersive waves mark j. magyar Complete Idiot_s Guide to Electrical Repair Terry Meany 2000 Computational Electrodynamics The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method 2d ed Allen Taflove susan c. Computational Optical Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging sarhan m. shang Computational photonics an introduction with matlab marek s. kar Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks mohamed ibnkahla Copper Zinc Tin thin films solar cells kentaro ito Cosmic Ray Investigation in the Stratosphere and Space Cosmic rays and particle physics thomas k gaisser 1990 Cosmic_Rays-Cosmo_ALEPH Critical currents and superconductivity ferromagnetism coexistence in high tc oxides samir khene Crystal Sets to Sidebands frank w. hassan Multi-band Polarization Imaging and Applications yongqiang zhao chen yi seon g. nathanson Number theory an introduction via the density of primes benjamin fine gerhard rosenberger Numerical range the field of values of linear operators and matrices karl e. shevlyakov hannu oja STATISTICAL METHODS with MATLAB – J. devellis Semiotics in mathematics education norma presmeg luis radford wolff michael roth gert kadunz Shape Classification and Analysis luciano da fontoura costa roberto marcondes cesar jr Shrodinger equations and diffusion theory masao nagasawa Signals and transforms in linear systems analysis wasyl wasylkiwskyj Singularities and groups in bifurcation theory martin golubitsky ian stewart david g. Vermani An Introduction To Linear Algebra – Kenneth Kuttler Applications of Abstract Algebra with MAPLE – R. cohen tannoudji Attosecond and xuv physics thomas schultz marc vrakking Audel electrical trades pocket manual l. iskander Electromagnetic material interrogation using conductive interfaces and acoustic wavefronts h. bhattachrayya gang qu Enabling things to talk alessandro bassi martin bauer martin fiedler Energetic particles in the heliosphere george m. paul Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry and its Applications steve j. popovic Ir And Raman Spectroscopy siegfried wartewig Isotope ratio mass spectrometry of light gas forming elements v. sevastyanov Jet physics at the LHC the strong force beyong the Te V scale klaus rabbertz LHC physics t. sirakoulis Mesoscopic quantum optics yoshihisa yamamoto atac imamoglu Micro mechanical transducers m. bao Microlenses hongrui jiang xuefeng zeng Microoptics stefan sinzinger jurgen jahns Microscopy and Analysis stefan g. Artin Group Characters, Symmetric Functions and the Hecke Algebras – D. watt richard corkish Applied signal and image processing rami qahwaji roger green evor hines Asymptotic representation of relaxation oscillations in lasers elena v. kashenko At the root of things the subatomic world palash b. Atomic and molecular beams production and collimation c b lucas Atomic force microscopy greg haugstad Atomic force microscopy peter eaton paul west Atoms in Electromagnetic Fields c. baker Electromagnetic fields and interactions richard becker Electromagnetic fields and waves magdy f. o’shea Elements of photonics volume ii for fiber and integrated optics keigo iizuka Embedded digital signal processing systems jarmo henrik takala shuvra s. demarest Engineering Electromagnetics nathan ida Engineering quantum mechanics doyeol ahn seoung hwan park Engineering the cmos library david doman Enhanced optical filter design david cushing Error control coding for b3g 4g wireless systems thierry lestable moshe ran Essentials of Energy Technology jochen fricke walter l. balaji Essentials of mobile handset design abhi naha peter whale Essentials principles of image sensors takao kuroda Evaluation of the multifunction phased array radar planning process Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Laminates…but Were Afraid to Ask Experimental Methods in RF Design wes hayward rick campbell bob larkin Extensive Air Showers High Energy Phenomena and Astrophysical Aspects Eyes on the sky a spectrum of telescopes francis graham smith FSM-based digital design using verilog hdl peter minns ian elliott Failure analysis marius bazu titu bajenescu Fast fourier transform algorithms and applications k. bernasek Fundamentals of Electric Circuits charles k. bonner denton Fusion plasma diagnostics with mm waves hans jurgen hartfuss thomas geist Future trends in microelectronics serge luryi jimmy xu alex zaslavsky GNSS remote sensing shuanggen jin estel cardellach feiqin xie GPS and Galileo dual rf front end receiver design fabrication and test jaizki mendizabal roc berenguer juan melendez Game theory in wireless and communication networks zhu han dusit niyato walid saad tamer basar are hjornugnes Geometric optics antonio romano roberto cavaliere Geometric optics theory and design of astronomical optical systems using Mathematica antonio romano roberto cavaliere Geometrical Optics douglas s. parker temple Inductance Loop and Partial clayton r. hancke Inertial mems volker kempe Information fusion under consideration of conflicting input signals uwe monks Information photonics asit kumar datta soumika munshi Infrared and raman spectroscopy in forensic science john m. nusinovich Introduction to the Theory of Laser-Atom Interactions marvin h. julian goldsmid Introductory Electromagnetics herbert p. neff jr Introductory Electromagnetics zoya popovic branko d. miller marc drillon Magnetism carmen gabriela stefanita Maldi tof mass spectrometry in microbiology markus kostrzewa Many particle quantum dynamics in atomic and molecular fragmentation j. calvo tatiana alieva Medical imaging based on magnetic fields and ultrasounds herve fanet Memorized discrete systems and time delay albert c. luo Memristor based nanoelectronic computing circuits and architectures ioannis vourkas georgios ch. Hazewinkel Hankel and Toeplitz Matrices and Forms – I.

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rosenbaum Combustion waves and fronts in flows paul clavin geoff searby Communication Acoustics ville pulkki matti karjalainen Computational aeroacoustics a wave number approach christopher k. kimerling Photonics in space caterina ciminelli francesco dell olio mario nicola armenise Photonics technology and instrumentation david l. sandler Power quality issues in distributed generation jaroslaw luszcz Practical Applications of Microresonators in optics and photonics Practical Electricity paul rosenberg 5th edition Practical Electronics Handbook ian r. smith jr xinhua qi Progress in Nanophotonics 3 motoichi ohtsu takashi yatsui Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science kaoru yamanouchi andreas becker ruxin li see leang chin Propagation of radiowaves les barclay 3rd edition Protocols for high efficiency wireless networks alessandro andreadis giovanni giambene Pseudo random signal processing hans jurgen zepernick adolf finger QST Magazine – A Structured Engineering Approach to the Design and Construction of Electronic Equipment QST Magazine – Creating a Technical Library (1991) Quadrature Frequency Generation for wideband wireless applications mohammad elbadry ramesh harjani Quantum Field Theory john w. o’neil Beginning statistics with data analysis mosteller fienberg rourke Bernoulli numbers and zeta functions tsuneo arakawa tomoyoshi ibukiyama masanobu kaneko Bifurcations of planar vector fields and hilbert’s sixteenth problem robert roussarie Big data analytics saumyadipta pyne b. peterson Calculus i brian knight roger adams Calculus multivariable calculus james stewart Calculus problems marco baronti filippo de mari robertus van der putten irene venturi Calculus volume 1 open stax Calculus volume 2 open stax Calculus volume 3 open stax Challenging mathematical problems with elementary solutions volume 1 combinatorial analysis and probability theory a. hilborn Chaos in classical and quantum mechanics martin c. lavrentev Mathematics standard level for the IB diploma paul fannon vesna kadelburg ben woolley stephen ward Matheon mathematics for key technologies peter deuflhard Matlab differential and integral calculus cesar peres lopez Matlab matrix algebra cesar peres lopez Matlab simbolic algebra and calculus theory cesar peres lopez Measurement and Multivariate Analysis Measurement error john p.

books are in pdf djvu epub formats A course in classical physics 4 waves and light alessandro bettini A mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion C. Coulson A student’s guide to waves daniel fleisch laura kinnaman Acoustic Particle Velocity Measurements using Lasers jean chritophe valiere Acoustic echo and noise control eberhard hansler gerhard schmidt Acoustic emission zinoviy nazarchuk valentyn skalskyi oleh serhiyenko Acoustical Imaging michael p. egan Advances in molecular vibrations and collision dynamics joel m. rand henning richter Oscilloscope Applications for the QRP enthusiast james mcclanahan Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateur paul danzer (N1II) Packaging of High Power Semiconductor Lasers xingsheng liu wei zhao lingling xiong hui liu Particle Physics Experiments at High Energy Colliders john hauptman Passive RF & Microwave Integrated Circuits leog g. floyd Principles of electronic communication systems louis e. kenington RF microwave power amplifier design andrei grebennikov Radar Interferometry Persistent Scatterer Technique bert m. roy pike The new physical optics handbook tutorials in Fourier Optics reynolds develis parrent thompson The optomechanical constraint equations alson e. kaplan The role of sdn in broadband networks hassan habibi gharakheili The space environment and its effect on space systems vincent l. fisher Thermoelectricity in Metallic Conductors frank j. schroeder Third generation femtosecond technology hanieh fattahi Third-Generation and Wideband HF Radio Communications eric e. furman mark jorgenson john nieto Time domain ultra wideband radar sensor and components cam nguyen jeongwoo han Time to digital converters stephan henzler Topics in Modern Quantum Optics bo sture skagerstam Towards 5g wireless networks hossein khaleghi bizaki Transistor circuit techniques g. taylor Ultra realistic imaging analogue and digital holography hans bjelkhagen david brotherton ratcliffe Ultra wideband short pulse electromagnetics 8 carl e. gorodentsev Algebraic curves in cryptography san ling huaxiong wang chaoping xing Algebras and Modules Two Algorithmic advances in riemannian geometry and applications ha quang minh vittorio murino Algorithms and discrete applied mathematics sumit ganguly ramesh krishnamurti An economic interpretation of linear programming quirino paris An introduction to analysis of financial data with R ruey s. Tool.2Ed Approaching infinity michael huemer Archimedes mathematical genius of the ancient world mary gow Arithmetic refresher a. klaf Arithmetic tales olivier bordelles Arithmetical wonderland andy liu Asymptotic behavior of dissipative systems jack k. webber jr Trends in contemporary mathematics vincenzo ancona elisabetta strickland Trigonometry a clever study guide james tanton Trigonometry demystified stan gibillisco Turining’s legacy rod downey Uncertain differential equations kai yao Understanding Engineering Mathematics john bird Understanding and applying basic statistical methods using r rand r.

beranek Acoustics An Introduction heinrich kuttruff Acoustics aeroacoustics and vibrations fabien anselmet pierre olivier mattei Acoustics and Audio Technology mendel kleiner Acoustics and Hearing peter damaske Acoustics of musical instruments antoine chaigne jean kergomard Acoustics of small rooms Advanced Frequency Synthesis by Phase Lock william f. bottega Engineering vibrations daneal j inman Essentials of Radio Wave Propagation christopher haslett Excursions in Harmonic Analysis volume 3 radu balan matthew j. blevins Frequency standards fritz riehle From Dirac to Neutrino Oscillations tino ahrens Fundamentals of Vibrations leonard meirovitch Fundamentals of general linear acoustics finn jacobsen peter moller juhl Fundamentals of musical acoustics arthur h. graham kelly Good vibrations the physics of music Guided waves in structures for shm the time domain spectral element method wieslaw ostachowicz Handbook of engineering acoustics gerhard muller michael moser Harris C. van Optical transmission milorad cvijetic Optical wireless communications system and channel modelling with matlab z. weber Optics Simplified balu chandra Optics and optical instruments b. johnson Optics benjamin crowell Optics eugene hacht Optics for Engineers charles a. riedl Optics illuminating the power of light kyle kirkland sean m. kasunic Organic Light Emitting Di0des Organic Photovoltaics sam shajing sun niyazi serdar sariciftci Organic and printed electronics giovanni nisato donald lupo simone ganz Organic solar cells barry p. banerjee ting chung poon Principles of electric circuits electron flow version thomas l. kikkert RF Microwave Hybrids Basics, Materials and Processes richard brown RF and Baseband Techniques for Software Defined Radio peter b. yablon Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves Theories and Applications leung tsang jin au kong kung hau ding Second Order Non-linear Optics of Silican and Silicon Nanostructures o. Long The Secret World Of Magnets by Johnson The Telecommunications Handbook kornel terplan The Transmission Electron Microscope khan maaz The ULTIMATE Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide mitch tilbury The Visualization Handbook charles d. elsherbeni veysel demir The finite difference time domain method for electromagnetism karl s. luebbers The limits of resolution geoffrey de villiers e. penttinen Theoretical Optics an introduction hartmann remer Theory and design of charged particle beams martin reiser Theory of Electron Transport in Semiconductors carlo jacoboni Theory of low temperature plasma physics shi nguyen kuok Thermal effects in supercapacitors guoping xiong arpan kundu timothy s. hart Ultra Wide Band Antennas xavier begaud Ultra Wideband radar technology james d. scott tyo Ultra-Broadly Tunable Light Sources Based on the Nonlinear Effects in Photonic Crystal Fibers lei zhang Ultrafast Dynamics in Molecules, Nanostructures and Interfaces g. long Alex through the looking glass alex bellos Algebra and geometry an introduction to university mathematics mark v. gorodentsev Algebra i textbook for students of mathematics alexey l. gutierrez The philosophy of set theory mary tiles The pythagorean world why mathematics is unreasonably effective in physics jane mcdonnell The riddle of scheherazade raymond smullyan The rise of big spatial data igor ivan alex singleton jiri horak tomas inspektor The role of mathematics in science m. gorban The structural foundations of quantum gravity dean rickles steven french juha saatsi The structure of functions hans triebel The w3 algebra modules semi infinite cohomology and bv algebras peter bouwknegt jim mccarthy krzysztof pilch Theory of fuzzy computation apostolos syropoulos Theory of reproducing kernels and applications saburou saitoh yoshihiro sawano Time series analysis wilfredo palma Tools for PDE pseudodifferential operators paradifferential operators and layer potentials michael e. brenner Topics in quaternion linear algebra leiba rodman Topological signal processing michael robinson Topos theory p. johnston Towards a design flow for reversible logic robert wille rolf drechsler Towards the future of fuzzy logic rudolf seising enric trillas janusz kacprzyk Tracking control of linear systems lyubomir t. knoop winnie daamen Translational recurrences norbert marwan michael riley alessandro giuliani charles l.

krotkus The Helmholtz equation least squares method for reconstructing and predicting acoustic radiation sean f. magrab Vibrations of hydraulic machinery yulin wu shengcai li shuhong liu hua shu dou zhongdong qian Vibro acoustics volume 1 anders nilsson bilong liu Vibro acoustics volume 2 anders nilsson bilong liu Vibro acoustics volume 3 anders nilsson bilong liu Vibro-Acoustics, Volume 2 anders nilsson bilong liu Vibro-Acoustics, Volume 3 anders nilsson bilong liu Voice and speech quality perception ute jekosch Vortex rings and jets daniel t. andreou Advanced Image Processing in Magnet Resonance Imaging Landini Advanced Quantum Mechanics materials and photons rainer dick Advanced Solar Cell Materials Technology Modeling and Simulation laurentiu fara masafumi yamaguchi Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy Applications to Nanomaterials francis leonard deepak alvaro mayoral raul arenal Advanced Ultrawideband Radar Signals Targets and applications James D. bovik chang wen chen dmitry goldgof Advances in Polaron Physics alexandre s. devreese Advances in photonics engineering nanophotonics and biophotonics tanya scott Advances of atoms and molecules in strong laser fields yunquan liu Aeronautical telecommunications network sarhan m. buchla Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits paul r. balanis Antenna Theory and Design stutzman thiele Antenna Theory and Microstrip antennas d. de la rosa rocio del rio Cable networks services and management mehmet toy Carbon based superconductors junji haruyama Catalytic arylation methods anthony j. norbury Classical Electrodynamics john david jackson (Answers to sel. wilson Digital processing optical trasmission and coherent receiving techniques le nguyen binh Digital signal processing and applications with the omap l138 experimenter donald reay Digital signal processing andreas antoniou Digital signal processing with matlab examples volume 3 jose maria giron sierra Diode lasers and photonic integrated circuits larry a. carlos santamarina dante fratta Dynamic wireless sensor networks sharief m. carlson Effects of magnetoelastic interactions in conductive plates and shells gevorg baghdasaryan marine mikilyan Electric Energy An Introduction mohamed a. shaw Electromagnetic Measurements in the Near Field pawel bienkowski hubert trzaska Electromagnetic Radiation variational methods waveguides and accelerators kimball a. schwinger Electromagnetic Transients in Transformer and rotating machine windings charles q. lee Microwave rf antennas and circuits ofer aluf Microwaves and Wireless Simplified thomas s. ribeiro Optimization for computer vision marco alexander treiber Optimization in engineering sciences pierre borne dumitru popescu florin gh filip dan stefanoiu Order out of chaos Man_s new dialogue with nature ilya prigogine isabelle stengers Ordinary differential equations basics and beyond david g. dunkl yuan xu Out of the labirinth robert kaplan ellen kaplan Partial differential equations t. benjamin Probability with Applications in Engineering, Science, and Technology matthew a. devore Programming the Intel Edison_ G – Donald Norris Pythagoras his life teaching and influence christoph riedweg Quadratic Irrationals an introduction to Classical Number Theory franz halter-koch Qualitative data analysis pat bazeley Quantitative analysis and IBM SPSS statistics abdulkader aljandali Quantitative data analysis willem mertens amedeo pugliese jan recker Quantum groups a path to current algebra ross street Quiver representations ralf schiffler Random Graphs and Complex Networks Volume 1 Remco van der Hofstad Random like bi level decision making kuping xu zongmin li zhimiao tao Random matrix theory with an external source edouard brezin shinobu hikami Random walks on reductive groups yves benoist jean francois quint Real analysis and foundations steven g. Matsumura Compact Numerical Methods for Computers Linear Algebra and Function Minimisation 2Ed – Adam Hilger Computational Commutative Algebra – Kreuzer and Robbiano Computer Algebra and Differential Equations – E.

bond Underwater Acoustics salah bourennane Underwater acoustics richard p hodges Vibration and Shock Handbook clarence w. nafie Vibrations and Waves benjamin crowell Vibrations balakumar balachandran edward b. kes 30 second quantum theory brian clegg 3D video processing and transmission fundamentals chaminda hewage 3G HSPA and FDD versus TDD networking smart antennas and adaptive modulation lajos hanzo jonathan blogh song ni 802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals pejman roshan jonathan leary A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equations daniel fleish A Textbook of Electrical Technology in S. chand A combinatorial perspective on quantum field theory karen yeats A gallery of chua attractors eleonora bilotta pietro pantano A new life of a Neutron Monitor yu. balabin A pallete of particles jeremy bernstein A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol I, J C Maxwell A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol II, J C Maxwell Acousto optics adrian korpel Active network analysis wai kai chen Active plasmonic devices based on magnetoplasmonic nanostructures diana martin becerra Adaptive High-Resolution Sensor Waveform Design for Tracking Ioannis Kyriakides Adaptive resonance theory microchips teresa serrano gotarredona bernabe linares barranco andreas g. schnaufer xiaohui li Advanced concepts in photovoltaics arthur j nozik gavin conibeer matthew c beard Advanced fiber optics luc thevenaz Advanced geometrical optics psang dain lin Advanced transport protocols ernesto exposito Advances in Image Processing and Understanding alan c. johnson Antenna Theory Analysis and Design constantine a. ryan Basic Electricity milton gussow Basic Electronics Theory and Practice s. riescher westcott Basic circuit analysis john o’malley 700 fully solved problems Basic engineering circuit analysis j. mark nelms Basics of Radio Astronomy for the Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope diane fischer miller Basics of the solar wind nicole meyer vernet Beginner’s guide to reading schematics stan gibilisco Beyond the standard model of elementary particle physics yorikiyo nagashima Bioelectrics hidenori akiyama richard heller Bioelectrochemistry of biomembranes and biomimetic membranes rolando guidelli Bioinspired photonics optical structures and systems inspired by nature viktoria greanya Bionanophotonics An Introductory Textbook shuichi kinoshita Biophotonics Handbook Blue skies a history of cable television patrick parsons Broadband Network Architectures chris hellberg dylan greene truman boyes Broadmatching wai kai chen CCSP Securing Cisco IOS Networks Study Guide CMOS 60 GHz and e band power amplifiers and transmitters dixian zhao patrick reynaert CMOS sigma delta converters jose m. lenk Circularly polarized antennas steven shichang gao qi luo fuguo zhu Classical Electrodynamics for Undergraduates john w. prather Diffuse Radio Foregrounds all sky polarisation matias vidal navarro Digital Control of High-Frequen – Luca Corradini Digital Terrestrial Television – Nieizv_ Digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting jian song zhixing yang jun wang Digital filters R. Hamming third edition Digital logic design a rigorous approach guy even moti medina Digital microwave communication engineering point to point microwave systems george kizer Digital modulation and coding stephen g. masanovic Directed energy weapons physics of high energy lasers HEL bahman zohuri Directed energy weapons physics of high energy lasers bahman zohuri Discrete signals and inverse problems j. hassanein Dynamics of quantum dot lasers christian otto EM Modeling of Antennas frank gustrau dirk manteuffel ESD basics from semiconductor manufacturing to product use steven h. Adamy Early history of cosmic ray studies yataro sekido harry elliot Effective FMEAs carl s. goudos Microwave Transistor Amplifiers guillermo gonzalez Microwave and millimeter wave circuits and systems apostolos georgiadis hendrik rogier luca roselli paolo arcioni Microwave enhanced polymer chemistry and technology dariusz bogdal aleksander prociak Microwave photonics chi h. roberts jr Ordinary differential equations morris tenenbaum harry pollard Orthogonal polynomials of several variables charles f. david garson Partitions q-series and modular forms krishnaswami alladi frank garvan Pattern Recognition Sergios Theodoridis and Konstantinos Koutroumbas Philosophy of Mathematics andrew irvine Popular woodworking practical shop math tom begnal Precalculus open stax Principles of Mathematical Logic – Hilbert_ Ackermann Principles of linear algebra with mathematics Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems judea pearl Probability and statistics for computer scientists michael baron Probability collectives anand jayant kulkarni kang tai ajith abraham Probability logics zoran ognjanovic miodrag raskovic zoran markovic Probability statistics and decision for civil engineers jack r.

rao Self-Excited Vibration wenjing ding Sinusoids Theory and Technological Applications prem k. giessibl ernst meyer roland wiesendanger Nonlinear inverse problems in imaging jin keun seo eung je woo Nonlinear optics and photonics guang s. milburn Quantum Optics for Beginners zbigniew ficek mohamed ridza wahiddin Quantum Statistics in Optics and Solid-state Physics graham haake Quantum Theory of Finite Systems jean paul blaizor georges ripka Quantum communications in new telecommunications systems malek benslama achour benslama skander aris Quantum dot based semiconductor optical amplifiers for o-band optical communication holger schmeckebier Quantum field theory a modern perspective v. basu Single atom nanoelectronics enrico prati takahiro shinada Small and Short Range Radar Systems gregory l. goodman Statistical signal processing debasis kundu swagata nandi Stereoelectronic effects igor v. verhoeven Superconducting devices in quantum optics robert h. shull X-ray diffraction for Materials Research myeongkyu lee X-ray diffraction oliver h seeck bridget m murphy digital signal processing steven. smith diplomarbeit_Federmann laser light dynamics volume 2 h. niknejad hossein hashemi multihop wireless networks opportunistic routing kai zeng wenjing lou ming li reich ultrawideband radar applications and design james d. A Mathematical Structure for Emergent Computation victor korotkich A Russian Childhood sofya kovalevskaya A Scrapbook of Complex Curve Theory c. grabiner A history of ancient mathematical astronomy part i otto neugebauer A history of mathematics victor j. kvam brani vidakovic Number The Language of Science tobias dantzig Number Theory New York Seminar 1989 1990 d. hand Statistics for Technology A Course in Applied Statistics Statistics for imaging optics and photonics peter bajorski Statistics from A to Z andrew a. martinez moonjung cho Statistics unlocking the power of data robin h. dudziak Strongly stabilizable distributed parameter systems job oostveen Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Sunspots and non linear dynamics kazuo nishimura alain venditti nicholas c. rash The chemistry maths book erich steiner The creative enterprise of mathematics teaching research bronislaw czarnocha william baker olen dias vrunda prabhu The cult of Pythagoras alberto a.

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