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Try inviting people to afternoon tea, or just to go for a walk.When you talk to other parents, you might be surprised at the family changes they’ve been through themselves.

Other parents Children are a ticket to making new friends at first-time parent groups, playgroups, kindergartens, schools, or sporting and leisure centres.

If you’re spending more time caring for children now that you’re a single parent, it can be hard to stay in touch with friends who don’t have children.

If friendships have got lost in the process of separation and divorce, try getting back in touch.

And although it can sometimes be hard, asking for help is a smart thing to do for your family.

People can give you support in three main ways – practical help to lighten the workload or sort out finances, emotional support to help you cope with parenting, and social support to give you a break.

As a single parent, you probably have three potential sources of income: If you can get child support from your former partner, do so.

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