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I have faxed them THE SAME paperwork 3 x and they've still screwed up royally on sending me my distribution. If I ever take another job where they are the security holders I will request to OPT OUT.

So on January 21st I had the check cancelled, that took 9 days bringing us to today, I called and asked if the new check had been sent, the employee told me it had not, that the form to cancel the first check was still being processed.Sabrina "Bree" Osbourne is a transwoman about to undergo surgery when she receives a phone call from a son she never knew she had.Toby is a 17 year old boy who was conceived when Bree as dating his now deceased mother.Although Bree is eager to leave her past behind, her therapist refuses to sign off on her operation unless she confronts her past and meets her son.The reluctant Bree goes to meet Toby but pretends to be simply be a Christian missionary.I recently sent in a payment to pay off my 401k "withdrawal" early, they applied it to the wrong account.

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