Updating compaq laptop bios


Developing a preventive maintenance program is important to everyone who uses or manages laptops.The two types of preventive maintenance procedures are passive and active.

Electrical concerns include items such as static electricity, power-line noise (when the system is plugged into a wall outlet or other external power source), and radio-frequency interference.If extreme variations occur over a short period, expansion and contraction can cause signal traces on circuit boards to crack and separate, and solder joints can break.Extreme humidity can cause contacts in the system to undergo accelerated corrosion or condensation to form in the system and disk drives.Two sets of specifications are normally listed—one that applies to an operating system, and the other for a system powered off.As an example, IBM indicates the following allowable environmental limits for most of its Think Pad portable systems: Note that the maximum allowable ambient temperature drops to only 88°F (31°C) at altitudes over 8,000 ft. This is due to the lower air density at high altitudes, which reduces the efficiency of the computer's cooling system.All computers are designed to operate within specific ranges of temperature, humidity, and altitude.

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