Updating unix profile


Dear Gurus i have read a lot written on this topic but i just wanna ask that the /etc/profile file is present but the .sh_profile in the users $HOME directory is not being updated, any guesses why??? Therefore the correct file to put settings into is not ".sh_profile" but ".kshrc" in the users $HOME. ~/.kshrc" as the last line into the file "~/.profile".

Also that i need to get the information about the date, time, IP and the user name from which the user logs in??? 1) /etc/profile is typically the default profile run by users at login, prior to any profile in their own directory. For details about users sessions you might want to examine the wtmp and the utmp files, both in the "/var" tree.

Note − The shell initialization process detailed here applies to all Bourne type shells, but some additional files are used by bash and ksh.if you are in login-mode, the files you are looking for is either /etc/bash or /etc/bash.bashrc if you are in non-login-mode, you are looking for the file /.profile or for the files within the directory /.profiles.d the files mentioned above if where the system variables are.and doing so, the go installation worked fine and there were no path losses.These variables retain their values until we come out of the shell.When you log in to the system, the shell undergoes a phase called initialization to set up the environment.In this chapter, we will discuss in detail about the Unix environment.

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